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Families Communicating Via Video Calls

Tele-OT Coaching

Our online program is perfect for families who want to know more about how to support their child, want immediate support, fall outside our face-to-face service areas, and want a flexible short-term program according to their needs.

Here is what you can expect:

Family Support

  • Information to navigate services and access resources

  • Identify and help your needs in parenting

  • Advocate for your child and family

  • Offer emotional support


Set Up For Success

  • Understanding your child's sensory needs

  • Understanding and managing challenging behaviour

  • Setting appropriate, achievable goals

  • Goal setting and setting up a therapy plan

  • Understanding each health professional's role


Routines Based Intervention

  • Strategies to implement into your child's routine

  • Strategies to support play and engagement

  • Video sharing for feedback throughout the week



  • Program length and duration to suit your needs

  • Online service delivery to help no matter the location

  • Flexible scheduling and cancellations

  • 1:1 sessions available at short notice


Q: What are the benefits of Tele-OT Coaching? A: The research shows that parent coaching helps families to be more active in the care and therapy process. It helps families to better understand their child's needs and identify strategies to support their goals. Telehealth also has the benefits of easy scheduling, is cost effective (no more travel costs!), and helps families to access therapy quicker!

Q: What if my child does not respond well to online sessions? A: Our Tele-OT Coaching program is about working with YOU. Your child does not have to be present. In coaching, the therapist will guide and provide support to you so that you feel confident and empowered to support your child.

Q: How can you support my child if you don't interact with them? A: This program is about setting up for success and navigating how to support children with disabilities and/or delays. There is so much that can be observed digitally. YOU are the most important person for your child to interact with. The therapist will provide support by being your resource, team member, problem solver, advocate and providing you with evidenced based research to address your concerns.

Q: I'm not good with technology. What do I need to set up for Tele-OT Coaching? A: The wonderful thing about Tele-OT coaching is that it can be completed anywhere. It can be a phone call, video call or a Zoom call. All you need is a device (phone, iPad, laptop) and good internet connection. If you are concerned, a trial-run can be set up to make sure you are comfortable.

Q: What does a typical Tele-OT session look like? A: Each families' Tele-OT session will look different - the goals are different and so are the family dynamics. A standard structure may look like this: 1. Start off with a win 2. Discuss the goal or challenge 3. Discuss how the child is going in this goal 4. Observe the skill (photo and video sharing) 5. Problem solve together 6. Practice and model the strategy together 7. Reflect on the session

Q: What happens after the program is completed? A: Our Tele-OT program is a short-term program to increase your capacity to support your child. After the program is completed, we can evaluate whether continuation or referral to another service is more helpful.

Q: This sounds great. How can I get started? A: Wonderful! Leave a message for us below and we will get back to you. We start with an initial screening phone call, and go from there!

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